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Kin Theory, an initiative of Nia Tero, is a global Indigenous media makers database creating media connections that support narrative sovereignty and cultural vitality.

We are a global community of Indigenous media makers that supports the telling and sharing of our own stories. Our goal is to make more visible the vital work by Indigenous creatives that has already begun, as well as to enhance opportunities for Indigenous narrative sovereignty. As an Indigenous creative, you’re invited to create a profile to highlight your work and access other working Indigenous creatives. As a non-Indigenous ally, whether in the industry or not, you are welcome to explore our resources, learn about the work of our Indigenous creatives, and connect to our members for projects.

Land Acknowledgement

We honor and pay our respects to the multiple Indigenous lands we are on and encourage you to take the time to do the same wherever you may be currently located. As we live and work on these lands, we also encourage the use of Indigenous protocols and pathways. Some guides can be found on our resources page and more information about Indigenous lands can be found at Native Land.

Courtesy of Justyn Ah Chong (Kanaka Maoli)

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