About Us

What is Kin Theory?

Kin Theory is an Indigenous media maker database designed to showcase and uplift Indigenous media creators while creating community and opportunity for industry connections. The overall goal of Kin Theory is to connect Indigenous media makers with each other, with diverse non-Indigenous media makers, and with industry partners for networking, hiring, mentoring, funding, and more.

Kin Theory is an initiative of Nia Tero, a global nonprofit based in Seattle, Washington, USA that works in solidarity with Indigenous Peoples who sustain thriving territories and cultures to strengthen guardianship of Earth and all beings.

The Kin Theory website welcomes Indigenous media makers (and those who want to partner with or hire them) into the Kin Theory family. Kin Theory shares resources and opportunities with the Kin Theory community and uplifts other global majority media maker databases and networks through email communication.
In addition to creating a space for community and opportunity online, the Kin Theory team produces a robust series of in-person and virtual events featuring partners within and outside of the film industry. The goal of these events is to build awareness around Indigenous representation in media, center Indigenous and BIPOC solidarity, celebrate climate storytelling, empower land guardians, and hold space for accomplishments and future dreaming.

Our Goal

Kin Theory is a place for members to meet, connect, create, and grow.
Kin Theory is a platform of connection to build real world relationships among Indigenous media makers and global media industries.  We strive to make Kin Theory accessible to global Indigenous media makers and foster/cultivate/strengthen meaningful media connections that support narrative sovereignty. The work by Indigenous creatives is abundantly visible here, powerful, and resurgent.


We acknowledge that, due to colonization and white supremacy, our stories of Indigenous identity are complex narratives.
We intend to create a space for persons who have done the work of learning about themselves and being in community with their Indigenous family and peers, with the goal of connecting to one’s unique lived experience, reflecting on how it has been shaped by the knowledge, joy, challenges, and history of one’s elders and ancestors. As such, we ask all who join this online community to be ready to share more about your journey toward connecting with your community, bringing forward stories rooted in lived Indigenous realities. Wherever you are on your personal journey toward embracing your Indigenous self, your ancestors, and your future, we look forward to connecting with you.


Who We Work With
We are building relationships with organizations and industry leaders who value centering Indigenous stories. Please see our events and resources for the thriving ecosystem we are cultivating together with our valued partners.
To create a world where our media reflects the rich diversity of our communities, a shift is needed in the film industry.
Thank you!
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