imagineNATIVE Industry Days: Building Community and Abundance Across Indigenous Creative Networks

Alongside skyrocketing demand for Indigenous made media must be strong support networks, increased visibility, and safe industry connections. It’s essential that Indigenous artists have access to networks and resources that support their artistic journeys. In this virtual panel, hear from those who have created (and are creating) Indigenous media online communities and how they are uplifting Indigenous storytellers, why collaboration and care are prioritized, and where their networks (and others) are intersecting to create a wider web of support for Indigenous creatives. Contributing to this conversation are: Amalia Cordova (Latinx), Supervisory Curator, World Cultures, at Smithsonian Center for Folklife and Cultural Heritage; Jennifer Loren (Cherokee), Director of the Cherokee Film Office; Jennifer Podemski (Anishinaabe/Ashkenazi), Founder and CEO of Shine Network; and Tracy Rector, Nia Tero Managing Director of Storytelling and Executive Producer of Kin Theory. Tracy Rector will also moderate this discussion. 

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