Kin Theory Office Hours with BGDM

BDGM is a powerful community of BIPOC women and non-binary professionals transforming the documentary industry. They work to disrupt inequity in the film industry by nurturing, amplifying, and investing in the creative capacity and professional success of our members. We love how BGDM works transparently and ethically to support their members, and we learn from them every day as we build Kin Theory. We’re excited to talk with them about the ways in which our work overlaps and compliments each other.

This conversation is FREE, VIRTUAL, and OPEN to Kin Theory members, BGDM members, and friends up to do the work of opening up and strengthening the film and TV industry. Join us if you want to learn more about BGDM, if you think you might benefit from what BGDM has to offer, or if you just like seeing rad people in conversation with each other. Learn more about BGDM on their website:

Our Kin Theory events are free and virtual, but you have to register to receive the Zoom link for the event. REGISTER HERE.

Thank you!
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