Society for Cinema and Media Studies (SCMS) Annual Conference

Space, Place, and Race Panel N21

Chair: Michelle Hurtubise, Temple University

  • Jasper Lauderdale, New York University, “Time-traveling while black: Chronotopic narratives of radical alterity”
  • Julia Peres Guimaraes, Northwestern University, “Queer Temporality, Race as Technology and the Dystopian Archive in Janelle Monáe’s Dirty Computer”
  • Michelle Hurtubise, Temple University, “SGaawaay K‘uuna: Edge of the Knife, Capacity Building and Indigenous Language Revitalization through Film”
  • Meghan Tibbits-Lamirande, Carleton University, “Working for No Money: Aid Slavery and Debt-Peonage in Renzo Martens’s Enjoy Poverty: Episode III”

Our strategist Michelle Hurtubise will be discussing our team and ongoing database development while reporting on the Big Sky DocShop: Kin Theory panel at several online academic conferences. Bring your questions, join in the conversation, and reach out to us at with access questions!

Thank you!
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